Watch: Chris Webber on How Warriors Starters Could Beat Eastern Conference All-Stars; Here Is The Breakdown

The Golden State Warriors are the favorites to win the NBA Championship this year and former Warriors player Chris Webber took it a step further and said that this Warriors starting five could be the Eastern Conference All Star starting five.

And well.. I agree with him.

To be clear the Warriors starting five includes:

  1. Stephen Curry
  2. Klay Thompson
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. Draymond Green
  5. DeMarcus Cousins

The Eastern Conference All Star starters are:

  1. Kyrie Irving
  2. Kemba Walker
  3. Giannis Antetonkoumpo
  4. Kawhi Leonard
  5. Joel Embiid

Webber caught up with TMZ and explained on why he thought the Warriors could beat the Eastern Conference All Stars.

Part of Weber’s reasoning was the Warriors chemistry which would I’m not even too sure if that would matter.

Myself? I would think that Giannis and Leonard could be a solid matchup for Durant and Green. Cousins and Embiid would be fun to watch go up against each other. But I have Klay over Kemba, and Steph would take over again Irving. Sorry Celtics fans.

TMZ also asked for Webber’s opinion regarding Championship teams visiting the White House and he said that the Warriors were more than likely interested in meeting former President Barack Obama because he is a fan of the sport and has expressed his love for basketball. And well.. He didn’t show much love for Trump.

Here is the video of the interview:

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