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Watch: Barstool Sports Marty Mush Shines On TV Series House Of Cards | @Marty_Mush

I can’t believe it. The one and only Marty Mush from Barstool Sports had a little acting gig, who knows if he was suppose to be there; because honestly I doubt it.

He probably just showed up. Check this out. He was on the TV series House of Cards.

“You better look fast on the left side of the screen to see an Oscar type performance. This 30 seconds walk took six hours and some of that was my fault. Every time the camera would come towards me I would freeze up and stare at it. The producers were not happy with me one bit. The best part of all of this was the lunch I was provided. Food that I couldn’t even pronounce but it was fantastic.” – Marty Mush

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