VIDEO: Joakim Noah’s Dad Catches A Fish Barehanded

Joakim Noah made the news once again and this time it isn’t due to the fact of him being aggressive, it’s because of his father this time around.

Noah’s dad caught a fish with his bare hands and even took a bite of the fish!

The video came from Joakim Noah himself while it seems he was out with his father.

Noah’s father is Yannick Noah, who is a former professional tennis player from France and was also a singer. Yannick Noah retired from tennis in 1996 but before retiring won 23 singles titles and 16 titles in doubles action while playing tennis. As a singles competitor Yannick’s highest ranking was number 3 and in doubles was ranked number 1 in August of 1986.

Joakim Noah has a pretty cool dad not only because of the fact that he was a great tennis player but also due to the fact that not too many dads in the world will jump into the water, catch a fish barehanded, and proceed to bite said fish.

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