Unbrotherly Like Struggles For The Eagles

by Terrell_Jefferson | Posted on Sunday, November 18th, 2012

What’s wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles? This team is too good on paper, there in lies the problem good on paper. This team has more collective talent than half the league. You have perennial pro bowlers and potential pro bowlers. The bad thing is it doesn’t fit. Just because you have a lot of talent doesn’t make you a complete team. Andy Reid will most likely be fired at the end of this season. It maybe time for a new voice in Philly. He has shown favoritism to his better players. That doesn’t sit well with other professional athletes. No likes when you make one player or certain players feel above the rest.

This team had an off season for the ages in 2011, they landed free agent defensive back Nmandi Asomugha, and Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie, defensive lineman Justin Babin, and  Cullen Jenkins to add with Trent Cole and Asante Samuel on defense. On offense they added Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith of the New York Giants , and Vince Young to back up 100 million dollar man Michael Vick. That summary of talent also includes Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, and LeSean McCoy. That team on paper is a “Dream Team” to quote Vince Young, but what was a dream; has turned into a nightmare.

Starting with the drama from diva receiver Desean Jackson complaining about not getting paid. He was a cancer to the team and constant distraction, he would often quit on his routes during the game. The whole dream team thing didn’t sit well with the rest of the NFL. Last checked; paper champs aren’t crowned champions in August. They won the super bowl of free agency, but 8-8 and missing the playoffs isn’t suitable for a team that is ready to win now.

You think they would learn from last year but no they didn’t Michael Vick utter the words we can be a dynasty. How can you be a dynasty and haven’t won anything. This team added Demeco Ryans this off season to help the defense. The defense started fine but Andy Reid fired Luis Castillo after 7 games this year. This team is a mess as constructed. It’s time to blow this team up or fined a new voice, both are primed to happen.

It just maybe time for Andy Reid to take a season off, he lost his oldest son this season in Eagles Training Camp. he hasn’t been quite right since. He needs to take some time off. He will never admit it but, it is taking it’s toll on him. He was the longest tenured head coach in the league. It’s time he take some time off. Philly is not a kind city when they lose, just think this is the same town that booed Santa Claus. This team needs a breath of fresh air.

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