Top 5 U.P. State Fair Dessert Food Stands That Are a Can’t Miss to Eat

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The 2019 U.P. State Fair is fast approaching. With everyone sinking their teeth into some rides, art and exhibit displays, and of course — THE FOOD. 

I think every fairgoer would have their own dessert they like to go to and that’s okay.

Just a couple days ago, I did a post regarding the best regular and hearty fair food stands that are a can’t miss to eat at.

Today, I am listing the top five sweets/dessert stands that are also a can’t miss. This is also to serve as a loose guide for those who plan on attending the fair and want to know where to go for those vendors. 

5) Jilbert’s Dairy Milk House 

Especially on those warm days, everyone needs some ice cream. And Jilbert’s Dairy Milk House has that. 

Located by the livestock barns away from the carnival rides, the Milk House offers their soft serve or hand-dipped ice cream straight fresh from the dairy themselves. 

Being the first of two dairy stands to make the list, you can have your choice of having ice cream in a cone or cup from select flavors they’ll have posted when Fair is underway. Also feel free to have your dessert under their pavilion.  

They also offer bags of cheese curds and other snacks to satisfy your sweets cravings as well. 

4) State Fair Foods Elephant Ears

Coming up to the fair all the way from North Carolina, the vendor offers a variety of toppings to go with their signature elephant ears. 

Along with classic cinnamon sugar, State Fair Foods offers powdered sugar. As well as apple pie and/or cherry pie fillings, chocolate fudge and peanut butter toppings, and even Bavarian cream too. 

As of recently, they also have started making deep fried Oreos topped with powdered sugar. 

You can also order a souvenir drink and cup to go with your ear or Oreos too. 

Located by the quarter games, the stand has traveled a lot of miles just to come here, and the food and cooking there is definitely worth the travel.

3) DeBacker Family Dairy

Photo Credit: DeBacker Family Dairy (Facebook)

The family-run dairy ice cream stand makes its way to the list at #3 as its second ice cream vendor to not miss at the fair. 

DeBacker’s offers unique flavors of ice cream for anyone with a sweet tooth in either a cone or cup.

It also offers milkshakes and sundaes at the stand along with glasses of milk shipped from their farms in Daggett, Michigan. 

This is the perfect place to catch some ice cream along with Jilbert’s on the fairgrounds. Their location is across from the Ruth Butler Building and next to the Grandstands. 

2) Donut Diner 

The Chatham, Michigan-based vendor is best known for serving many platters of mini doughnuts and dippin’ doughnuts. 

But the Donut Diner is not just for their signature platters. They also offer and serve hot and stuffed, jumbo pretzels and funnel cakes as well. 

The choice of dipping frosting that can be served along for their mini doughnuts include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, etc. 

Their choice of drinks is also includes Pepsi products, water, coffee, slushees and cappuccino. 

The vendor is located adjacent to the Ruth Butler Building. Viewers can see the full menu that they offer from their website here

And for #1 dessert food stand is….. 

1) Sayklly’s Candies

Inside the Ruth Butler Building sits Sayklly’s Candies, where there are a big display of salt water taffy in a variety of flavors and the taffy-pulling machine available for people to be amazed on how the taffy is made. 

However, Sayklly’s is not just offering bags of taffy for customers, they also have an array of chocolate and caramel candies and a selection of Yooper bars. 

For a company operating over a hundred years, this is the one ‘stand’ or booth that is a can’t-miss because it provides a candy store feel. Also along with ice cream, it is a good alternative for anything sweet that is not deep fried. 

Oh and as I mentioned the first time, the taffy-pulling on the machine is a great sight to watch from a customer’s standpoint. 

If I missed any dessert booths or stands or if you have your favorite dessert stand at the fair, feel free to leave a comment down below. 

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