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Top 5 Memes Guaranteed to Piss Off Chicago Bears Fans

The Chicago Bears came into this season with hype and big expectations for them. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be memed. 

But tonight, I will counting down the top five best Bears memes that are guaranteed to trigger Bears fans who have gone full delusional since their recent division title. 

I know there’s a lot of other memes out there, but I feel like these should make them hopping mad. 

5. The Big Bear Difference 

4. The Draft Screwup – Trump Even Called It the Worst Trade Ever 

3. How a Chicago Bears Kicker Answers Questions  

2. Maury Knows 

1. Bear Down! 

That’ll trigger all the Bears fans who have pumped their chests all offseason. 

Feel free to view our other lists of memes towards the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys and their fans as well. 

Note: the header picture is an honorable mention meme. 

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