Top 3 Best Landing Spots for Ray Rice

by John Syders | Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

1. Cleveland Browns

In this year’s draft, the Cleveland Browns didn’t get around to drafting a running back until the third round, their pick?: Duke Johnson out of Miami. Duke Johnson¬†came out of college with the potential to be a very serviceable ball carrier in the NFL, a tenacious runner who picks his holes well and moves well in open field, despite these upsides there is one very big flaw in starting this kid: lack of experience, that’s where Ray Rice comes in. Ray Rice has the ability to lead a “running back by committee” situation (a situation that rookies can benefit from largely), and be a veteran presence in the locker room.

2. Dallas Cowboys

At this point in time, the Dallas Cowboys are certainly rolling the dice at the running back position, and many would agree they are doing so with a huge injury-prone down grade at running back, if the Cowboys were to pick up Ray Rice and run a committee situation it would greatly benefit Darren McFadden’s seemingly glaring inability to play a full season at a number 1 back position.

3. Arizona Cardinals

Much like the Browns, the Cardinals waited until the 3rd round to grab a running back, they did so in the form of Northern Iowa running back David Johnson, or Andre Ellington football twin. Equally talented at catching the ball out of the backfield, yet with the same flaws and inconsistencies i.e. not being a 3 down back, but more of a 3rd down back among other things. Again, another committee situation that would benefit from Ray Rice’s presence.

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