Top 10 St. Louis (Los Angeles) Rams of all time

by Dylan Hargis | Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012

10. Isaac Bruce (Wide Receiver)- Bruce was a great wide receiver, but displayed his talents even better on special teams. His total receiving yards for 1995 (119 catches for 1,781 yards) remain second only to Jerry Rice’s record of 1,848 yards in a single NFL season. Bruce was a part of the crucial move from Los Angels to St. Louis. In 1996 Bruce led his team with 84 receptions and led the NFL with 1,338 yards. He became the first Rams receiver since Henry Ellard in 1990 and 1991 to post back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons.

9. Eric Dickerson (Running Back)- Dickerson was a great running back in his prime, but sadly did not finish on such a great note at the end of his career. He spent a good part of his great career with the Rams. An immediate success, he established rookie records for most rushing attempts, most rushing yards gained, most touchdowns rushing, and also adding on another two receiving touchdowns. His efforts gained him a Pro Bowl and the Rookie Of The Year Award in 1983. Dickerson was a great running back for the Rams, and spent a good portion of his prime with them.

8. Steven Jackson (Runningback)- Steven Jackson is one of the best running backs the NFL has seen, and still puts up good numbers despite his increasing age. In 2006 with Scott Linehan as the new head coach, the Rams had a more balanced offensive attack. Jackson ran 346 times for 1,528 yards and 13 touchdowns and led all backs with 90 receptions for 806 yards, and 3 touchdowns. He also led the NFL in total yards from scrimmage with 2,334. Although he is ageing, he continues to put up elite running back numbers.

7.Torry Holt (Wide Receiver)-  Holt is one of the greatest NFL wide receivers to play the game. He was named to the Pro Bowl seven times, and retired with the 10th most receiving yards in NFL history, including a record six consecutive seasons with 1,300 plus yards. From 1999 to 2001, the Rams scored over 500 points each season, and their offense was dubbed “The Greatest Show on Turf”. Holt was a big factor in this, and his career also includes 7 Pro Bowls, including five straight, 74 career touchdowns for 446 points  and 920 career receptions.

6.Merlin Olsen (Defensive Tackle)- Olsen played his entire 15-year career with the Los Angeles Rams, and was elected to the Pro Bowl in 14 of those seasons, a current record shared with Bruce Matthews. Now let that sink in; he went to the Pro Bowl 14 times out of his 15 seasons, which is 93% of his career. That one point alone shows his worth on this list. Olsen is one of football’s great defenders and in some eyes underrated. He became part of one of the best front fours in NFL history. Deacon Jones, Rosey Grier, and Lamar Lundy joined Olsen on the defensive line in 1963 that was nicknamed “The Fearsome Foursome”.

5.Jack Youngblood (Defensive End)-  Youngblood was honored as the NFC Defensive Player of the Year by United Press International in 1975, and Pro Football Weekly named Youngblood the NFL defensive lineman of the year. For the third consecutive season Youngblood led the Rams in sacks (15),  and was a consensus all-pro, repeating his 1974 honor. Youngblood was a successful defensive player and had great success with the Rams. He was a great pass rusher who made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

4.Norm Van Brocklin (Quarterback)- Brocklin shared the quarterbacking duties with another star, and they both helped the rams be a dominate force in the NFL. The 1950 Rams scored at that time an NFL record 466 points (38.8 per game which is still a record) with a amazing passing attack featuring Tom Fears and Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch. Fears led the league and set a new NFL record with 84 receptions. Van Brocklin and Waterfield finished 1-2 in passer rating as well. So he did great even with another star quarterback taking snaps.

3.Kurt Warner (Quarterback)- Warner is simply one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks. He is also possibly the greatest undrafted free agent to ever play in this league and may have never seen his chance if Trent Green had not torn his ACL in a game that would lead to Warner replacing him. Warner won two NFL MVP awards in 1999 and 2001, as well as the Super Bowl MVP award in Super Bowl XXXIV. He was a great passer whose “Rags to Riches” story is possibly the most amazing in the NFL. In 13 career playoff games, Warner ranks first all-time in completion percentage (66.5%), yards per attempt (8.55), and second in passer rating (102.8).

2.Deacon Jones (Defensive End)- Deacon Jones was by far one of the NFL’s greatest defenders and possibly the Ram’s greatest defender ever. Nicknamed the “Secretary of Defense” because of his great ability to pass rush and drag a quarterback down to the turf. Former Rams head coach George Allen called him the “Greatest Defensive End of Modern Football.” His stats and persona speak for themselves, and he could be argued for the number one spot on this list.

1. Marshall Faulk (Running Back)-  Faulk is considered (by this list) the best Ram of all time. He had a great run game matched with a great receiving ability. Faulk is one of only three NFL players to reach at least 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards, while also being the only one to reach 12,000 yards rushing and 6,000 yards receiving. He was also a great blocker for his quarterback when he needed to be. His ability to run, catch and block makes him one of the best runningbacks the NFL has seen.







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