Tim Tebow agrees to one-year deal with the Eagles

by Caleb Luketic | Posted on Sunday, April 19th, 2015

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]t’s Tebow time once again ladies and gentlemen! Tim Tebow has reportedly signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to NFL sources.

Tebow is expected to arrive in Philadelphia just in time on Monday to join the team for the start of the offseason program. Philadelphia has finalized an agreement with the 27-year-old quarterback, which the framework was created during his workout a month ago with the Eagles.

Tim+Tebow+New+York+Jets+Introduce+Tim+Tebow+4N393g7c57MlThe Eagles were trying to trade quarterback Matt Barkley, but no offers were presented. The team decided that it would be best to bring in Tebow now, so he wouldn’t miss any offseason workouts and team meetings.

The NFL’s most interesting NFL team just got a whole lot more interesting with this signing. Chip Kelly is totally revamping this entire roster. He has traded away Nick Foles and Lesean McCoy, but has replaced them with Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray.

Now, Tebow is thrown into the quarterback competition. Will Tebow win the starting job? Possibly. Is it likely? No. Tebow will only win the starting job if Bradford gets hurt or if he is just an absolute monstrosity when the season begins.

Tebow will get plenty of playing time in Chip Kelly’s wild offense. He will use Tebow in some sort of jumbo formation in a short yardage situation because Tebow can throw the ball, run the ball, or run an option with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews. Tebow is an interesting addition to this football team, and I think it makes the Eagles that much better.


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    Tim has a chance to make this ball club, either as a QB but mostly as a ……………

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