The WooSox Logo is a Disgrace

With the PawSox moving to Worcester in 2021 the team released their new logo for the relocation and….yikes.

Okay, wow. Watch that video for me. That’s a nice hype up video. Cool overhead shots of the city, the background music has a cool beat, it’ll get your heart rate going. That is, until you see a god damn smiley face swinging a baseball bat. A SMILEY FACE passed all the way through the crowd sourcing Worcester had to do should have done for their new logo?

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, companies should bring me in before they make big decisions as their “Average Joe Advisor”. Clearly the big wigs making these decisions have money signs in their eyes with Ben Franklin’s stuffing their ears. I suggest they bring me in for a small retainer fee of $100,000 and I’ll tell them what the average Joe will think of their fantastic ideas before they lose millions in potential revenue. Snapchat makes a massive change where users can’t find stories? Never would’ve happened under my council. Instagram ditching likes leaving 20 year old models cold in the tropical sand with empty flat belly tea bags? Nonsense. A yellow bouncy ball with a smile bigger than the DCU Center wielding lumber? Next.

If you’re going to try and tap into the heart of Worcester you’re going to have to do much better than that. Get some boots on the ground and ask the people what they want. There’s already 12 people that will walk up to your car at every street light in that city. See what they think.

Regardless, I’m excited to see the Worcester Walmart Stickers WooSox come to town. Not just because it’s closer to my home, but because Kelley Square is a god damn nightmare while under construction right now. It’ll be nice to see that big smiley faced fuck beaming down as 3 people are trying to merge left, 4 people are sitting in an intersection, the guy with New Hampshire plates is backing up because he drove the wrong way on a one way, while the 43 cops down there are mulling around shooting the shit. Go WooSox baby, catch the fever!

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