The Top Podcasts to Start Listening To

It’s no wonder podcasts are popular and continuing to gain in popularity. There are podcasts available in just about every subject you can think of – finance, comedy, news, art,
 sportsmedia, etc. Podcasts are a great way to learn about new topics, stay informed about current events, and just for plain entertainment. They’re also a great way to past the time on road trips! (If you need any travel ideas, check out some of the travel posts on Gemsman.) 

If you want to add more podcasts to your queue or are unsure of which podcasts to start listening to first, check out some of the top podcasts you should be listening to now. 

You Are Not So Smart

You Are Not So Smart explores psychology and science. It’s a show that truly reminds you that you are not so smart. The episodes dig deep into topics such as motivated reasoning, status quo, bad advice, and rule makers versus rule followers. This is a great podcast for people interested in psychology and science who want to learn more about how biases and other things affect you. 

ESPN 30 for 30

This podcast offers in-depth sports stories that go behind the scenes of some of your favorite sports moments. As the women’s world cup gears up, this podcast featured a great audio story about the 1999 Women’s World Cup Championship and the aftermath of the league following their triumphant victory. This is a great podcast series for anyone who has enjoys sports or who has watched ESPN’s TV Show with the same name. 

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

This is a great podcast for all Anchorman and Will Ferrell fans. It’s also a great introduction to podcasts if you aren’t familiar with them. You can learn along with Ron Burgundy in that first episode as he explains what a podcast is. This is a fun comedy podcast that you can have on (with headphones) while you’re at work or the gym. It’s sure to entertain you and make you laugh.

Up First

Up First is your daily dose of news from NPR. It gives you what you need to know in order to stay informed on current events. It comes out Monday through Friday with occasional updates for breaking news. This is a great podcast for those who want to stay up to date on the news but doesn’t want to watch a news channel or read online news articles. 

Brain Stuff

This show is similar to Word of the Day but instead of getting a new word to learn each day, you get a new interesting fact. Each short episode is between 4 to 10 minutes and answers one of life’s questions that you didn’t even know you wanted to know. Do dogs go through puberty? How hazardous is peeing in a pool? The answers aren’t just informative, they are also funny. This is a great podcast to learn random facts, especially for those who love trivia. 


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