The NFL Should Hire Julia Rose For The Super Bowl Halftime Performance To Raise Money For Breast Cancer | @JuliaRose_33

The Super Bowl halftime show is suppose to be one of the most entertaining events of the year, but it seems like every year it’s a letdown.

I’ve got an idea to fix that.

Remember what happened during the World Series? Of course you do. Julia Rose and Lauren Summers flashed the cameras. That’s all you remember. You don’t remember a specific play, besides those two having an awesome performance.

Click here to watch.

So I’ve got an idea. Let’s keep the entertainment level high. Give Julia Rose the opportunity to perform in the halftime show…. nah… not singing. Have her raise money for breast cancer.

Give everyone watching at home an option to blur the TV for the 5 minutes for free…. or they can pay $5 to watch the real halftime show, uncensored.

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Hire Julia Rose and a couple of other Instagram models… maybe even Riley Reid and have them run around with their boobs hanging out and dancing. For all the money that’s brought in from everyone purchasing it for $5 donate it to the fight against breast cancer!

It wouldn’t be the first time boobs flashed during a Super Bowl halftime performance.

Well… maybe not flashed but we all remember the Janet Jackson boob fallout.

It’s been talked about every year since, let’s make it right! Show the boobies.

Think about all the money they’d raise. Think about the boobies. Think about the awareness.

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