The NBA and The Harlem Shake

by George Milan | Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

The Harlem Shake, the Internet dance phase that has everyone dancing like there’s no tomorrow. People all over the world are into this crazy dance. Even NBA teams!

The Miami Heat came out with one of the best Harlem Shakes out there when Lebron James dressed up as a king, Mario Chalmers as Super Mario and Chris Anderson as Birdman. The only thing that didn’t put this over the top is Chris Bosh as a dinosaur, I mean that would of been perfect right?

We thought it would be over in the NBA but then the Denver Nuggets and the Toronto Raptors came out with two more great ones. As you watch the Nuggets latest Shake it makes you really think what other teams should make one. Teams like Memphis, San Antonio and The Lakers come to mind.

When Kobe was asked if he would ever do a Harlem Shake he said

“NO, there is no reason to dance if it’s not in June” which means there’s no reason to dance unless you win the championship in June.

Which I understand but wouldn’t it be great to see Dwight in a superman outfit and Kobe in a snake outfit. That would be amazing!

Until then we just wait for the next great Harlem Shake video to hit the NBA or even another pro sports team.

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