The Most Intense Rivalry in the NBA

by Luis_Gutierrez | Posted on Saturday, May 11th, 2013

It’s no secret that the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls aren’t the best of friends. In the 2011 playoffs Miami ended Chicago’s season in the Eastern Conference Finals, winning the series 4-1. Then, on March 27th, 2013, Miami went to Chicago with a historic 27 game winning streak and came out streak-less. Needless to say, these two have a pretty intense rivalry, and the games tend to get very physical.

This series has been very physical for both teams. During the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat series, we saw LeBron James get shoved to the ground by Nazr Mohammed, Joakim Noah shoving Chris Anderson, and numerous ejections and technical fouls. These two teams play the most physical style of basketball today, and it’s one of the most entertaining brands of basketball to watch. A Bulls vs. Heat game should be your number 1 priority to watch, because they’re almost always close, almost always physical, and always exciting.

The Bulls are facing massive injury problems, with 2 starters out of the lineup (Luol Deng, illness, Kirk Hinrich, Bruised Calf) and Derrick Rose still not playing, they are the underdogs in this series. Despite that, they managed to take game 1, but Miami came storming back in game 2,  blowing out the Bulls by 37 points, their worst loss in franchise history. A closely contested game 3 saw Miami emerge victorious, but make no mistake: Miami cannot take the Bulls lightly. These two teams know each other better than anyone else, and they both really, really hate each other. The players aren’t exactly fans of each other, and if you need evidence of that, check out the videos below.

Regardless of who takes this series, the Bulls v. Heat Rivalry will continue to be the best in basketball for years to come.


*Nazr Mohammed was ejected immediately after shoving LeBron


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