The Legacy of Reggie Miller

by Stefan Abramian | Posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Reggie Miller was born on August 24, 1965. He is considered one of the best Indiana Pacers of all-time. His sister Cheryl is considered one of the best women basketball players of all time. She once scored 105 points in a game in her high school. Reggie was good at multiple things, but the thing that most people remember him for is his trash talking. He would try to get inside your head. Once he got in your head, he would play mind tricks. The reason why Reggie shoots the way he does is because when he was little his sister Cheryl would block every shot he took.

Reggie attended University of California, Los Angeles. In 1987, the Pacers had the 11th pick in the draft. Everyone thought the Pacers were going to choose Steve Alford, but instead they choose Reggie Miller. This disheartened the fans and made them really upset with the Pacers organization. After the trade of Chuck Person in 1992, Reggie became a full-time starter for the Pacers organization. On May 7, 1995, Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds against the Knicks in the  Eastern Conference Finals. It was really astonishing how he did it. Everybody was astonished by it, even the Pacers manager, Donnie Walsh. On May 15,2005, Reggie Miller announced his retirement after loosing the playoff series to Detroit. In my opinion, Miller is no questionable a Hall of Famer for his stats and clutch plays time after time.

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