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The Cleveland Browns Will Not Make the Playoffs in 2019

Typically there is a hyped up “offseason champion” in the NFL. A team that looked pretty good at the end of last season that made a few splash moves after the season was over.

This year, that team is the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns, and their trashy fan base, are the worst franchise the NFL has to offer. And this is all coming from a Detroit Lions fan.

After going 0-16 in 2017, the Browns were able to rebound last year finishing 7-8-1 behind the leadership of Baker Mayfield and Freddie Kitchens.

I could keep going, but Brad Shepard already said it in April; The Cleveland Browns are overrated.

The Browns got POUNDED in the “Dawg Pound” by the Tennessee Titans 43-13.

All the offseason hype was around the addition of a guy that gets in fights with kicking nets. The Browns traded away arguably their best offensive lineman for a wide receiver. This is almost never a good idea in the NFL. In a league that is won in the trenches, it was evident that the Browns don’t have the depth or talent necessary to win when it matters. It also doesn’t help that their starting left tackle, Greg Robinson, was ejected in the first half for kicking Kenny Vaccaro in the face:

Well its only one bad penalty right?

Nope. The Browns committed 18 penalties for 182 yards.

If you don’t know if that is good or not, I’ll help you. It’s not.

Baker Mayfield threw three interceptions in the second half, and was sacked for a safety in the second quarter. The team was an undisciplined mess.

Is this an overreaction? Of course it is. It is Week One! However, the Browns don’t have the offensive line to get it done. At least not if they play even half as bad as they did. 

Not only that, the defense was not good. Allowing the Titans (a team with a well below average quarterback) to gain an average of 6.1 yards per play.

We will see how they finish, but as of now, I have a hard time seeing them make the playoffs in a division that still has the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

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