Super Bowl Has Come |Is it worth going to the Super Bowl?

by Trevor Uren | Posted on Sunday, February 7th, 2016


The Super Bowl is almost here. It is 5:30pm eastern and we are finally a couple hours away from the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos going at it, in the Super Bowl.

We have M.V.P quarterback Cam Newton for the Carolina Panthers. And the old but experienced quarterback Peyton Manning for the Denver Broncos. Both teams defenses are very strong. This article isn’t technically a preview. Its more of a why you shouldn’t be at the Super Bowl, unless you’re rich.

If you’re attending the Super Bowl, you probably shouldn’t be like the guy who is spending 30k without telling his wife.

And if you are attending the Super Bowl, I’ll be at home where I won’t have to pay $7 for a bottle of water!

I can get a better view of the biggest National Football Game of the year, sitting in a couch, with friends. These are just a couple of the main reasons that I’ll never attend the Super Bowl. Their are plenty more. Think about the fans, there will be fans attending in Tim Tebow, Jets jerseys. That is how weird people are. Enjoy if you are there. Takes some good pictures.
But if you’re asking me who the winner is… The winner of the Super Bowl will be… The Carolina Panthers, 31-21. Whats your opinion?

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