Steve Nash approaching milestone

by Stefan Abramian | Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
Steve Nash today is only 5 assists shy of getting 10,000 career assists. Whats so special about that you might ask?
There have only been four other people to do so. They are John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, and Mark Jackson. Stockton played his whole career with the Utah Jazz. Magic did it with the Lakers. Mark Jackson needed 9 teams to get 10k.  Jason Kidd needed 5 teams. Lastly, Steve Nash needed only 2 teams.
Steve Nash in my opinion is worth voting for the Hall of Fame. Yes he doesn’t have a ring, but the Stockton on this doesn’t have a ring, yet he is still in the HOF.  Steve Nash is past his prime. Most of all us know that already. But yet day in day out he continues to amazes. Steve Nash is an 8 time all star. He also has 2 MVP’s to add to his resume. Nash is also really good at the pick and role. He did that in Phoenix and and Dallas.
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