Stefon Diggs Accused of 9/11 Celebration

In the Minnesota Vikings’ game on Sunday against the Washington Redskins, Vikings’ WR Stefon Diggs celebrated a touchdown with the good old fashion airplane run around the end zone.

As you see in the video, Diggs ended his airplane celebration by running and hugging the goal post. People on Twitter took this to the extreme and started accusing Diggs of reenacting the plane crash on 9/11. Being Veteran’s Day weekend, I could see how people could take it this way, as emotions are high on this day. But… I think that people took this way to far.

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Looking at Diggs, he just looks like a man having fun for scoring a touchdown. Celebrations are something that some players, unlike the Steelers, have to make up on the spot. Yes, it was bad timing for him to make up those two things in a row, but he was just having fun out there.

I do not think he even had the thought of making fun of this historic event. There is nothing that Diggs has done in the past that even connects him to doing something like this. Diggs has proved himself to be a good receiver in today’s NFL but he has done nothing to even prove that he would make fun of something so tragic.

I see little kids playing pee-wee football doing this same thing, but no one ever says anything about them. Maybe it’s because they are young? But there is really no difference.

This is either a misunderstanding by fans or Diggs is really that dumb to do something like that on such an important weekend.




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