Shots FIRED at Shaq Lawson

SHIT TALKING is apart of any competitive sport… When it goes to Twitter though, “IT’S ALL OUT WAR”!

With the Bills winning 14-7 to the Titans on Sunday, words were exchanged during the game but it was Taylor Lewan (Tackle) that would get on Twitter and shoot his SHOT!

Not wanting let things go, Shaq Lawson was quick to fire back!

I hope the SHIT TALKING continues! Makes the season WAY MORE INTERESTING! Also, Shaq throwing in “No Cap” is SERIOUS! If you from the hood, its a FADE on sight! 

WITH THAT BEING SAID, “ROUGH AND ROWDY” is always looking for a MAIN EVENT! So if @Shaw_Lawson and @TaylorLewan77 needs to get on the WAGON and CATCH A FADE!

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