San Francisco Giants CEO Involved in Domestic Incident

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer was involved in a domestic incident with his wife Pam Baer on Friday.

The incident took place at a public park in San Francisco, over a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone.

Multiple witnesses watched and recorded as the couple engaged in a brief physical struggle.

Larry was trying to rip the cell phone out of his wife’s hands, and eventually she fell out of her chair onto the ground.

Pam can be heard on video screaming “Oh my God. Help!” After taking the cell phone, Larry can be heard telling his wife to “Stop,” as he walked away.

Police were not called to the scene but are currently investigating the incident.

Larry released a statement apologizing for his inappropriate behavior.  He stated the argument was over a family member.

Pam released a separate statement saying she was embarrassed by their public argument, and a previous foot injury caused her to lose her balance and fall out of the chair.

MLB also released a statement, saying they are gathering the facts of the incident.

Larry was named the CEO of the San Francisco Giants in 2012.

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