Roy Halladay leaves a legacy on his sport

With how much society praises athletes, musicians, or celebrities for skills in their respective fields something that is often re-missed is their character. And with the death of Roy Halladay what magnifies so brightly about him are not the stories from others about his playing abilities, but the stories of how he treated people; and the effort he put into his craft.

The type of husband he was. The type of dad he was. The help he showed to other players. The type of work ethic he had. These are the important things—everything else is secondary. Those things are what made him great not the other way around. The type of person Roy was excelled him forward to be the great player he became.

There is more to a human than what they are, but who they are. Tears are not shed because of the great pitcher Roy Halladay was, but for who he was as a human. The Doc left a legacy on baseball in many player’s lives throughout his career, and that legacy will shine because of his integrity.

I will leave you with a few quotes from Fredi Gonzales that shows that legacy:

“He was one of those few guys that when you ran into him, whether it was in the locker room or the hallway, he always had time for helping others,” Gonzalez recalled on Tuesday. “Whether it was a young pitcher on another staff or just saying ‘hi’ to a coach, someone’s son, he had time for people. Special guy.

“When we had our young pitchers there in Florida, I said, ‘Pay attention to this guy.’ He never came out of the game. The competitiveness, you’d see it from across the field. It’s a sad day, whether you were a teammate or an opponent. Those guys don’t come around that often. Special human being.”(Credit, Paul Hagen MLB.Com Columnist for quotes)


Roy Halladay leaves a legacy on his sport
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