Rewriting History: 1996 NBA Draft (Picks 1-10)

by Deion Hulse | Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013
As many NBA fans believe, the 1996 NBA Draft is by far one of the greatest drafts the NBA has ever seen. Including names such as Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Ray Allen. How might the current play of some of the players now effect how the draft went? Here is my opinion on how the top 10 picks should have went.
The Philadelphia 76ers had the first overall pick and with their selection they chose Allen Iverson out of Georgetown. Kobe Bryant should have been the number one overall, but nobody realized how good he was except for the Lakers.
The Toronto Raptors had the second overall pick and chose Marcus Camby out of Massachusetts. I think this was a good choice by the Raptors, as they already had Damon Stoudamire at point guard.
The Vancouver (now Memphis) Grizzlies had the third overall pick, and chose  Shareef Abdur-Rahim. With the Grizzlies needing a big man they could have gone either way with Shareef or Jermaine O’Neal.
The Milwaukee Bucks had the fourth pick and selected Stephon Marbury out of Georgia Tech. The Bucks should have drafted Ray Allen, as they traded for him right away which sent Stephon to the Timberwolves.
The Minnesota Timberwolves had the fifth pick and selected Ray Allen out of UCONN. I think they should have drafted Steve Nash, as he would have been a good fit for them for years to come.
The Boston Celtics had the sixth pick and selected Antoine Walker out of Kentucky. If the draft has played out this way thus far, the Boston Celtics should have selected Allen Iverson. He would have been a good, versatile point guard that would have led this Celtic squad to many playoff runs.
The Los Angeles Clippers had the seventh pick and selected Lorenzen Wright out of Memphis. Wright didn’t live up to hype and the Clippers would have been better off going with JO or Abdur-Rahim, whichever was still available.
The New Jersey Nets had the eighth pick and selected Kerry Kittles out of Villanova. Let’s be honest, Kerry’s career with the Nets was terrible. They would have been better of selecting Stephon Marbury.
The Dallas Mavericks had the ninth pick and selected Samaki Walker out of Louisville. I think the Mavericks should have drafted Ben Wallace. No one completely understands why Big Ben didn’t go drafted. I feel as if he would have been a good fit for them.
The Indiana Pacers had the tenth pick and selected Erick Dampier out of Mississippi State. I think they should have taken Zydrunas Ilgauskas. I feel as if Ilgauskas had a better overall career, and he would have been a better selection for the Pacers.
Now, imagine if the draft would have went like this. Who knows, maybe Kobe Bryant would have had a bad career, Allen Iverson would be a champion, or an unknown star could take Kobe’s place.
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