Report: Pelicans Not Answering Calls For Anthony Davis Trade

With Anthony Davis wanting to be traded and saying he will not be returning to the Pelicans, the Pelicans GM is currently not answering calls for trades…. Weird. Right?

General manager Dell Demps is employing a negotiating tactic I didn’t see coming when Davis asked out. He’s “not picking up the phone,” according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

It makes sense for the Pelicans to wait until the summer to trade Davis, because then the Boston Celtics will be able to offer a trade.

The Pelicans are perfectly fine with letting the trade deadline pass with Davis on the roster. And their own account stating they “will do this on our terms and our timeline.”

All that said, I can’t think of a great reason why Demps wouldn’t be picking up the phone right now.

Maybe his phone isn’t working? Lol. That’s always a possibility. Try turning it off and back on again.

Could he be upset that Lonzo Ball doesn’t want to play for them?

Maybe he’s sleeping? I would be also if my only option was to wake up and trade my best player. But if that is the only option they have, just trade the guy. And you probably should answer teams calls.

Somebody should be picking up the phone in New Orleans.

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