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Report: Lakers Trying to Land Second Superstar Before Trade Deadline

With LeBron James being on the sidelines nursing a left groin injury it’s shown that the Los Angeles Lakers could benefit from adding another superstar to their young lineup.

According to The Athletic, the team is trying to do that. 

“New reports suggest that the Lakers are trying to land a big name player before the Feb. 7 trade deadline. The rumors claim that they are even willing to part ways with young talents like Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram to finalize a blockbuster deal. A move by Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka would not be very surprising.

The Lakers are in ninth in the Western Conference, and out of the playoffs. James inability to play for a month has been a major factor, but the addition of another star could be what is missing.

Despite what the team’s recent woes suggest, the Lakers are still competing for a playoff berth. With the addition of a player like Davis, the team would become a championship contender seemingly overnight..

“Ideally, the Lakers would be able to land a second star in free agency and keep the core intact,” wrote The Athletic’s Bill Oram. “However, with Anthony Davis unlikely to become available by the deadline, that particular dilemma may be a moot point this season.”

Honestly, what player could they be bringing in? We don’t have any clue. Unless its Anthony Davis.

Could the Lakers surprise us? Remember there’s someone in Detroit with the name of Blake Griffin who once played in Los Angeles, but for the Clippers.

The more likely scenario is the Lakers making a big push for Anthony Davis in the summer.

They could make a more minor move to pick up a solid shooter in the coming weeks, with names like Trevor Ariza and Terrence Ross have floated around.

But don’t expect to see another household name playing alongside James in the immediate future. 

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