Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade Seen Strutting Dance Moves In Pirate Costumes (Video)

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A lot of sports fans who work long hours alike spend most of their time on Labor Day weekend enjoying themselves and unwind. 

But for Hall-of-Fame coach Pat Riley and executive and future Hall-of-Fane guard Dwayne Wade, they took their leisure time up ten notches. 

(Yes, that is Riley with the white-colored beard) 

While on vacation upon a yacht over to Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, Riley and Wade decided to dress up pirates and show off some dance moves. 

The video posted by the Bleacher Report can be shown below. 

This probably takes the cake as the best way to celebrate Labor Day weekend as it should be. 

Wade and Riley most likely did more relaxing stuff here than I did all summer, just to be completely honest. 

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