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Pat McAfee Launches NEW Wrestling Entertainment League OCW (Office Championship Wrestling) | @PatMcAfeeShow

Pat McAfee is one of the most electric humans in the entire world, and now he has created a new wrestling league, OCW – Office Championship Wrestling. 

The fighter for the McAfee office is pro wrestler Dylan Bostic.

People hear office wrestling and they think that it’s people in the office fighting but it’s not.

This is just happening at Pat’s office. And a genius move.

Here he is on his popular Heartland Radio 2.0 talking about launching OCW.

Here is episode number one:

Here is episode number two:


You can purchase merchandise already so it seems like it might be something that Pat plans on having around for awhile: 

Image result for office championship wrestling

Buy here:

Image result for office championship wrestling

We will have to wait and see how long that this will last until the WWE calls Pat and says his role with them has been extended. And then they’ll say he can’t run this league at the same time.

Hopefully it doesn’t happen soon because I enjoyed it so far.

Honestly, this is going to be a success for Pat. 

Pat killed it on the mic during Rough N Rowdy. He also killed it while calling football games, and has created awesome content with the WWE so this is going to be the same situation. 

Great commentary and solid wrestling entertainment.

I’m sold.

But I’m wondering who all the fighters will be. Will they bring in any other pro fighters?

I feel like it’ll be a solid move in the long run. They might not even know. They might be just playing it out slowly and only have a couple of episodes in mind. 

I’m interested in seeing how big this will get. Pat’s new Wrestling entertainment league sponsored by Naturday’s, go and drink one, they’re delicious. 

Congrats Pat.

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