Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee Announces That He Will Be Doing On Field Analysis For The XFL

The always charismatic Pat McAfee has added another job to his collection of media jobs. McAfee announced on Wednesday that he would be doing on field analysis for the upcoming XFL season.

McAfee says this will be different from your typical sideline reporter as McAfee will have access to players, coaches, and referees that really isn’t allowed in the NFL. He could be in a huddle with a team, talking to a ref after a blown call, or questioning a coach’s decision right to his face.

This will absolutely be an entertaining wrinkle to football games and should really give the XFL over other football games when it comes to pure entertainment value.

While McAfee says he might not be a part of every broadcast, we will certainly be on the lookout for the ones he is apart of.

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