When you say solo raiding in OSRS, it often refers to the Chambers of Xeric Raid. However, there are multiple guides up already like this one. What we’ll be doing here is a general tips and tricks section you might be able to use to supplement your guide of choice. They might even help you in leveling or farming OSRS gold!

Without further ado, here they are!

Stats and Skills at 99

Have your combat stats at 90 at the very least, but we recommend to max them out at 99. That means more accuracy and stronger attacks, and you’ll survive more than if you leave them lower. Among the skills, Agility, Thieving, Herblore, and Farming are the crucial ones for Chambers of Xeric.

Higher Agility lets you regenerate lost run energy faster. The Thieving skill is for more chances of success at looting chests. Herblore is for the potions you’ll be able to make. Especially notable potions are the Overloads, Revitalisation, and Xeric’s Aid potions. As for Farming, you’ll need at least level 55 to farm Noxifer.

Of less importance is Mining, which you can raise to 61. At that level, you’ll be allowed to wield the Dragon Pickaxe which you can use to attack some creatures in the raid. A higher level means you get to deal more damage, but it’s not really that necessary. Prayer is also a minor skill, though leveling it to get Piety, Rigor, and Augury would be good.

Gear and Equipment

You don’t have to follow guides exactly to the letter. Those who make guides have different preferences and play in different ways compared to you. Just get the general gist of what you need to bring and what kind of equipment you need to wear. If something outside of what’s recommended works for you, that’s alright—to each his own.


While using third-party apps or programs is a big risk, dungeon scouting is a good way to prepare for solo raids. That way, you’ll be able to decide at a glance whether to go through with the dungeon or not. If you can get any two among the Skeletal Mystics, Lizardman Shamans, and Tightrope puzzle rooms, that’s good. These three rooms will give you the most points after completion. Otherwise, it’s up to your judgment to run with the rooms available or not. It could depend on whether you want to speedrun it or not.


Unless you’re some kind of genius with a prodigious knack for breezing through even the most difficult of tasks, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be good at solo raiding after reading tips or guides. You should spend some time getting to know the rooms yourself. Practice the techniques to clear them, as well as how to defeat the boss solo. Figure out your way of running the dungeon, what gear to bring, and which areas you excel at.

That means running the dungeon again and again. Completion doesn’t matter. What matters is what you learned from your runs. It will push you toward more and successful raids. Even the guide makers have done this. How else would they have figured out where the safe spots are, and what strategies work?


Now that you’ve read this, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to read other guides and strategies. Information is power, and the more you have, the better you can perform. So do your research, make your own preparations, and go raid solo!

Don’t be hard on yourself, though. You’re still human, and mistakes aren’t the end of the world. If you fail, dust off your clothes and get back up. It’s frustrating, and maybe you’ve wasted some precious resources, but that’s life! As long as you’re still playing, you can get whatever you lost back. Who knows, maybe that failure could have set you up for a windfall later.

That said, enjoy OSRS solo raiding!


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