Olympic Melo & Knicks Melo: The New Jekyll & Hyde

by Jari Sague | Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2016

Carmelo Anthony just passed Michael Jordan for 3rd all time in scoring in the Olympics. You heard that right…..Michael freaking Jordan. What happened to the Melo we all know from New York that shoots 35 shots, makes 9, and wonders why he keeps losing over and over again? The truth is, it’s really two different Melo personalities: Olympic Melo & Knicks Melo, and they are as different as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Olympic Melo has a better team, sure, but it also brings out characteristics that we’ve never seen from him before, like passing, coming off the bench, or even….dare I say…defense?? Believe it or not, Anthony is playing great team basketball for the U.S., while still getting his fair share of buckets as well, as seen by his jump over the GOAT on the all-time scoring list. He’s playing great, and it will be interesting to see if he keeps up that performance, and even takes a run at LeBron, who is currently 1st all time, but only 11 points ahead of Anthony. Either way, this uncharacteristically unselfish play is great for the U.S. team as they progress through this tournament.

Knicks Melo….well, maybe this will shed some light on the changes that happen when he dons the orange and blue…

What happens when Knicks Melo comes out

What happens when Knicks Melo comes out to play

Maybe it’s the better Olympic team, maybe it’s the fact that Melo gets to pretend he has rings (olympic_rings_on_white_206913), maybe it’s Maybelline…I mean Jekyll & Hyde. Either way, the difference is tremendous, and Melo could benefit from bringing this play back to New York, especially with Derrick Rose and all of the other offseason moves the Knicks have made. The U.S. play their next game against Australia on Wednesday August 10th at 6pm EST.

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