OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL: Bob Stoops, You Are On the Clock

by Fred Pahlke | Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2015



Bob Stoops

Head Football Coach Bob Stoops, Univ. of Okla. (AP photo)


The Oklahoma Sooners will never win another National Championship in football until a couple of things happen. First, Head Coach Bob Stoops will have to challenge the Alabama’s, the USC’s, the Auburn’s, and the Ohio State’s for the very best talent in the high school ranks, year in and year out. Without getting the best of the best on a consistent basis, which means winning their share of the recruiting battles with these bad boys, OU football isn’t going to get back to the promised land. As a matter of fact, even as the third or fourth best team in the Big12 (yes, OU is not the best team in the league, far from it) the Sooners are now in an inferior position when it comes to recruiting even against conference members.


Second, which relates to the first conclusion, OU’s two game losing streak to Baylor (and it looks very likely that will grow to three) and a second consecutive loss to TCU next year won’t cut it for National honors. Oklahoma should never lose three consecutive years to Baylor and two consecutive years to TCU. That tells me that Bob Stoops, right now, today, is not cutting it, and in truth, not doing a satisfactory job as the Head Coach at the Univ. of Oklahoma.  Maybe satisfactory at Texas Tech, and yes, at a Kansas State.  But not at OKLAHOMA.  Never ever should OU’s football program be taken to the woodshed by a Baylor for that period of time and the same with TCU. Yes, I am repeating myself, saying the same thing in different words. It’s that important. The coaching at Baylor under Art Briles and the coaching at TCU under Gary Patterson is better than Bob’s at OU  Throw in recruiting and developing players inferior to more than one league member, along with poor game time coaching decisions and lack of preparation of players to be enthused to put the pads on, OU is skidding on uncharted territory.  Even John Blake and Howard Who had their players pumped for a game, even if they still got rolled. Briles, Patterson  and that old senior citizen coach in the Little Apple are getting it done.   And you could also say the name Gundy also…..didn’t OSU beat OU?  These coaches have replaced Bob Stoops as the benchmark coaches of league. Want to argue Gundy, go ahead, OSU “did” win.


OU’s total lack of play (or in other words, not showing up) in their bowl game against Clemson was a game changer with regard to Bob Stoops and OU football. It was offensive. Never should an OU team take the field without even an ounce of passion for the game. That Sooner team was disrespectful toward the Sooner program, the Sooner nation, and the Big 12 family.


Finally, with the improvement of the Univ. of Texas under Head Coach Charlie Strong and the again up-surge of in state rival Oklahoma State, Coach Stoops is in a precarious position and the program at OU might not even hit rock bottom as of this off season. Five loses in 2015 could balloon to six plus loses in 2016, and that’s not good news in Norman. Out with the old and in with the new in Norman?


Stoops better get with the program as three star recruits will not be the answer. A lack of talent at too many areas of the football team will not be corrected by getting players in recruiting battles with the lower echelon teams in the country. Out-recruiting Memphis or Colorado State is not Oklahoma. Alabama is not going anywhere soon as they again have the best new group of high school talent coming in again.  OU?  Sad isn’t it Sooner fans?  And punting the ball over again when you can just give the other team the ball deep on their side of the field with seconds remaining can cost a Head Coach a job if it happens too much. A five million dollar contract is not worth a plug nickel if you lose football game at OU. That is why OU has been OU since World War Two. You start losing at OU and you are gone.  There are only so many coordinators that Bob can fire.  Feed the monster with grade A prime or someone else will. Hear that Big Game Bob.

Fred Pahlke is a an NBA/NFL/NCCAF/NCAAB analyst and Senior Editor for @prosportsextra  ProSportsExtra.com. Follow him on Twitter @DukeSkadoris


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