No Max Kellerman… Matthew Stafford is Not Overrated!

Excuse me while I go on a huge rant here.

 Okay, I am heated right now over in a video when Max Kellerman of ESPN’s First Take called Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, overrated.  

Here’s a quick fact check Max, Stafford is actually one of the most underrated players in the league right now. And has been! 

Stafford has played under mediocre to average coaching and teams throughout his career. 

Until this season. 

With second-year head coach Matt Patricia, new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, General Manager Bob Quinn and new additions such as stud defensive end Trey Flowers, tight end Jesse James, and first-round pick T.J. Hockenson now in place and ‘buying in,’ the future looks brighter now than it has before.

We can also add in All-Pro cornerback Darius Slay and monster nose tackle Snacks Harrison for our stout new improvements to the team. 

What I mean from above is we actually have talent on the team to work around and we could be a team that can sneak into the playoffs this season. 

I know that we are in the toughest division in football and the Lions are always treated like the ‘lonely guy in the corner’ throughout the league, but this team needs to be spoken about and to mention Stafford as their truest leader since when Barry Sanders was smashing records in the Silverdome. 

Speaking of smashing records, you are talking about a guy who threw for 5,000 yards a year removed from a season-ending shoulder injury and carried the team to the playoffs with little to no talent. 

Since he suffered the aforementioned injury, he has started and played in every game up to present day! He is also coming off playing with broken bones in his back and is coming to this season playing for his wife, Kelly, who had a non-cancerous brain tumor this past winter.  

And you think he’s overrated?

Just to sum it up, I am sick and tired of all the Stafford slander that he has been getting from you and others this offseason. 

Seeing a lot of fans screaming their heads off wanting to trade him and all the other BS that the player and team goes on through on sports media outlets (I’m looking at you, ESPN and NFL Network).

The fact the matter is that Stafford is not overrated and is in fact, still in his prime. 

To call him overrated is an insult to him and the Lions fans.

I’m predicting a lot of good things to come out of this team, and I’m hoping that you and others will eat crow when Stafford gets to the Super Bowl or perhaps earn the NFL MVP award. 

Because it would mean the world to us and to Stafford that he brings us hope for the team and its diehard fanbase and perhaps that he will bring us the Lombardi Trophy, once the Lions can get to a Super Bowl one day. 

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