Nintendo Has Officially Re-Entered the VR Game

As much as I hate to admit it, MatPat was right in his theory for once. As revealed via Tweet, Nintendo has announced a VR kit for the Switch. What’ll be available is the Starter Edition (which includes the Blaster, perfect for some VR Duck Hunt). They’ll also be releasing two expansion kits, one with a camera and elephant utility, the other with a bird and wind petal. In Nintendo Labo fashion, all of these accessories are made out of cardboard.

From it’s announcement to release, and especially now with Smash Ultimate, I’ve been meaning to buy a Switch. While the initial product line of Nintendo Labo didn’t grab my interest, or wallet, that well these VR offerings might. Of course, we all hope this fares better than the company’s first (and oft-forgotten) foray into VR, the Virtual Boy. Needless to say that it wasn’t very successful, and while it did provide some useful concepts found later (stuff you’d see being implemented in the 3DS) it ultimately gave people and the company too many headaches so they decided to scrap it. That’s why if anyone (especially so-called gaming journalists) try to tout the Labo VR as Nintendo’s first dive into VR, WROONG!

Show them this article even and say “Actually Jacob wrote that these is their re-entrance into VR, long after the commercial failure of the Virtual Boy” and then watch as your social status soars because people now know you’re the cool person that visits PSE. It’s a win-win for everyone!

They could have re-branded this as a hangover-inducer

Hopefully Nintendo will see VR as more than a cardboard gimmick, and find a way to incorporate some of their franchises into it. A VR Pokemon or Metroid would shift the global economy in how many copies would be bought. Will I be buying one? It’s hard to say, because in order to buy one I need to buy a switch first and I don’t think I’m ready to divorce that money from my savings yet. On the other hand, if Trevor buys it and puts it as a business expense then now we’re talking some great content (nudge nudge wink wink Trevor). NOT HAPPENING… YET

Only time will tell what happens next, but until then, this is Jacob signing off!

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