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by Trevor Uren | Posted on Saturday, May 5th, 2012

“We’re not hanging our heads, we’re not moping around.”  Those words were uttered by Carmelo Anthony after the Knicks fell into an impossible 0-3 hole Thursday night.  He may not see it, he may not want to see it, but this could be no farther from the truth.  The worst part though, is that it was actually happening on the court, during the game.

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What is so demoralizing for Knicks fans is the lackluster offense and how the team looked scared, tentative and resigned to the fact that they were not going to win.  I am embarrassed for them.  They should be embarrassed for themselves.

I did not see any fire or desire, as our beloved Clyde would say.  There were less than a handful of times where you saw any type of desire, emotion or passion.  They could do nothing right on offense, nothing.  They shot four for twenty from three-point range, had only three fast break points, and shot a dreadful 32% from the field.  Make no mistake about it; the offense has led to this 0-3 deficit, not the defense.

Steve Novak being inserted in the starting line-up did absolutely nothing.  He only had two shots the entire game.  The Heat simply gave him zero room to shoot, which is more than I can say about the Knicks and Mario Chalmers.  For some reason, for the second game in a row, this team has decided running at him when he shoots is not necessary.  I would assume they know better now, but we will see in game four.

At times no one seemed to want to take a shot, cuts to the basket were not crisp, and if they were, the ball handler missed him.  Ball movement was non-existent.  You simply cannot beat this Heat team with one or two passes per possession.  It just cannot be done.  So you can see why the Knicks lost by 17 points when they had more than twice as many turnovers (18) as they did assists (8).  They Heat are too good defensively; the rotations are as quick as I have ever seen.

Basketball, more than any other sport, is about confidence.  A word that seems to not be in the Knicks vocabulary in the first three games of the series.  Landry Fields played well in the first half, but was invisible in the second.  For some reason, Josh Harrellson gave the team a shot in the arm with some toughness, but only played five minutes in the first half.  He didn’t play again after halftime.

This team cannot match up with the star power of the Big Three, especially with the injuries to Stoudemire, Lin and Shumpert.  But there is absolutely no excuse, no reason, and no cause for a team who has not won a playoff game in this long to lose by 17 points at home.  Not in New York.  Not in this building.  The fans deserve more.  The fans that are paying nearly twice as much for tickets this year,  as opposed to last year.  They deserve more.  This fan base has suffered ever since some guys named Eisley and Anderson were acquired…. Read More….

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