New York Giants Punter Involved in New Jersey Wreck

by Dylan Hargis | Posted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Source: Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Giants punter Steve Weatherford was an extremely happy man over the weekend. Weatherford was in San Diego this weekend to welcome his baby girl into the world. Football waits for no man however so he got on a plane and headed for the Giants’ OTAs which started on Monday. Weatherford found himself in a nasty wreck on the New Jersey turnpike early that same Monday morning….

At 3:30 a.m., he hit water on the turnpike, hydroplaned and hit the median, but luckily the airbags deployed. Thankfully the talented punter is okay and later was thanking heaven on social media. Weatherford posted the following comments on Instagram later that day. “I walked out without a scratch, I am feeling so incredibly blessed. Not only has God given my family and I a beautiful, healthy 10 pound baby girl. He sent his guardian angels to keep my car from flipping and possibly dying.”

Weatherford reported to OTAs on time and seems just fine physically, if not a bit shaken. Let’s just hope that this incident won’t stop him from helping fans get engaged, and tweaking the Patriots noses from time to time. Just remember while driving in the rain go slow and be safe!

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