NELK Boys Issue Second Statement Regarding Removing 905 Shooter, Jason Pagaduan Confirming He Was Kicked Out

As I’ve blogged about recently (click here) YouTube group NELK removed member 905 Shooter whose real name is Jason Pagaduan.

Today the team released a second statement about the removing of 905.

“Just to be clear, Jason (aka 905 Shooter) was removed from NELK as a decision that WE made, NOT a decision made by him to leave:”

They also added:

“There we’re behind the scenes issues that we could not stand for as a company/brand or on a friendship level. His actions in his personal life left us in a position where we had no choice but to let him go entirely.

We know this may be a shock to all of you but it was a decision that we had to make immediately.

We’ll see you next season 👊.”

This was pulled from the teams Instagram story:

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