NASCAR Changes Rule to Keep Drivers Safe

by Cody Tabor | Posted on Sunday, August 17th, 2014
 Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images

After the incident that took place last Saturday with Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr. in New York at a local dirt track that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr during a caution. During the past week, NASCAR changed a rule to keep the drivers in their cars during a crash to help keep the risk of someone getting hurt or an incident that happened like last Saturday.

On Friday morning, Vice President of Competition and Racing Development Robin Pemberton stated that drivers must stay in their cars unless a fire or smoke is inside the cockpit. This rule also goes for crew members, they would stay away racing surfaces and safety trucks. The rule is to keep drivers and crew members safe and take any risk away from what happened last Saturday at the dirt track in New York.

If a driver is to exit his/her vehicle will be placed with a penalty. How will this settle with drivers that has their displeasure with other drivers after incidents that take place on the track. I think the rule is a great move to help save lives and other things that might happen on track. NASCAR is doing the best they can to keep the drivers, crew and fans safe with past rule changes.

We will see which drivers obey the rules as NASCAR heads to Bristol next Saturday!

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