Must Watch: Border Collie Saves Chihuahua From Being Crushed by Car, This Dog Deserves An Award

What a save. This dog is smarter than 99.9% of humans. Look at this awareness, the timing. This Chihuahua almost got annihilated by this car, then his big ol’ buddy came out of no where and saved his life. The timing is honestly impeccable, he was not about to watch his little buddy die, not today. The lady driving the vehicle is the owner of both dogs, and thought she crushed her little Chihuahua, only to get out to see them both alive. I couldn’t imaging being her and watching the film and seeing what you’re about to see.

This Border Collie deserves an endless supply of treats, a nice vacation from the snow, should be given an award, and honestly deserves his own podcast because honestly I’d rather listen to this dog bark than listen to what Michael Rappaort has to say.

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