Mountain Dew Makes Mistake On Yooper Bottle, Lists As Diet Dew But Shows 290 Calories; ‘Could Be Dangerous For Diabetics’

Earlier today I blogged regarding the NEW Upper Peninsula Mountain Dew Bottle, which looks pretty awesome! Some people are worried as the label shows ‘diet’ but has 290 calories.

You’d think after Mountain Dew screwed up the map originally they’d get this right.

A worried Facebook user posted the following:

If you’re wondering how many calories are in a regular bottle it’s 290.

How many calories are in the diet?

This is a limited edition bottle and honestly seeing the label shows diet it likely won’t be on shelves, although we all want one. Seeing this mistake happened the few people who have bottles shouldn’t drink them and instead save them. You’ll thank me later. 💰 💵

But for those who received one or will and decide to drink it be sure to read the label, it’s not an actual DIET DEW.

You’re welcome for the warning!

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