Moffitt Busted For Urinating In Public

by Nicholas Reguin | Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013

The Seattle Seahawks seem to be doing their best to stay in the media in some way, shape, or form, whether it involves using PEDs, driving drunk, or urinating in public, apparently, as guard John Moffit was charged with trespassing and obstruction of justice, both misdemeanors, after urinating at Bellevue Square mall.

Moffitt reportedly urinated next to a parked car outside the Paddy Coyne’s bar. As police went about their search for Moffitt, they say they encountered two “very large males”, a description fitting for a 6’4, 320 pound Moffit. One of the males was identified as Moffitt, and police instructed the two to stop, but instead they decided to flee into a building at the Washington Square condos.

Moffitt was banned from the mall last January for a year and it would seem that Moffitt has some strange fight to pick with public shopping centers, as he was also banned from the Lincoln Square mall last August after trespassing.

Despite Moffitt’s multiple cases of doing things along this line, he’ll likely receive a fine at most from Roger Goodell, if that, and it won’t have any major consequence, other than being the butt of even more Seahawks jokes, which become all the more enjoyable with each Seattle related incident.


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