Memphis/Golden State Tonight in the Grindhouse

by Fred Pahlke | Posted on Saturday, May 9th, 2015




The Golden State Warriors title hopes go on the line tonight in the Grindhouse in Memphis. The series is tied one and one with the next two games on the Mississippi River. Memphis is a team with plenty of playoff experience while Golden State is building their playoff résumé.

Tonight’s game has many interesting factors to contemplate.

1.  Will Mike Conley continue to dominate the floor and control the pace of the game as he did in the 2nd meeting in the series.  Conley came back from a fractured facial bone which kept him out of action for 10 days.  His play was outstanding on both ends and showed how he can, just as the Splash boys of Golden State, take over a game.  Conley, for what he does, is as valuable for the Grizz as Curry and Thompson are for the Warriors.

2.  Can Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson find their shot or will they have a 2nd straight disappointing game?  Tough to say as Memphis usually gets great perimeter defense from their guards with Grindfather Tony Allen a stuffer of stars.  If Thompson continues to flounder under the pressure of Allen, Golden State is in trouble.  Curry by himself cannot carry the team alone, especially against a Memphis team noted for blue-collar defense.  The Allen Thompson match-up is critical.

3.  What will Golden State do with Marc Gasol and Zac Randolph?  Memphis is a two tongue dragon in the paint and can devastate Golden State if they are allowed to post up as they did in game 2.  Better inside play is a must for the Warriors.

4.  As Golden State has a tremendous home court, so does Memphis.  Golden State will earn their experience tonight and we shall see if they are the caliber of a championship team.  Win tonight or on Monday in Memphis and they might have a real chance to get where they want this year.

Final thoughts:  Tony Allen is giving the Warriors enough to disrupt their quest for a championship this year.  As an up and coming team, Golden State will find future years to win it all a more difficult proposition.  The Western Conference will not get any easier in the future years as Oklahoma City becomes a player again, a “monster” team as referred to by San Antonio Coach Greg Popovich, and the Clippers, if they do win it all, will stay together with their rugged lineup that can match Golden State.  New Orleans going to get better fast, and San Antonio might still have one more run in them.

Tonight:  Memphis by two, 95-93.


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  1. Fred Pahlke says:

    Memphis is just a little more experienced. Inside shooting in the playoffs is valuable. Curry and Thompson have to step it up in game 4 or the Warriors will falter.

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