Mariano Rivera Carted off Field

by Nick Stortz | Posted on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

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Yankees Hall-of-Fame closer Mariano Rivera was carted off the field after suffering a twisted right knee while catching fly balls during batting practice before Thursday’s game against the Royals.

Rivera usually catches fly balls before games in order to stay in shape, he has been doing this for years. When he fell, his face was in pain and was rubbing his right knee with his hand.

Rivera will be taken to the Kansas University Med-West Hospital for an MRI during the game tonight.

Teammate Alex Rodriguez, 3rd baseman, saw the scene in the outfield and was saying ” Oh, my God. Oh, my God”.

Rivera was smiling while he was carted off the field and appeared to flash a shoulder shrug to his teammates on the field. But an eyewitness said Rivera could not walk under his own power and was helped into the room with his arms over the shoulders of skipper Joe Girardi and an assistant trainer.

River is no doubt a Hall-of-Famer and is starting to get up there in age as his career is closing down. He is the saves leader with 608 in an 18-year career. Rivera is 1-1 with five saves and a 2.16 ERA in nine appearances this season.

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