Los Angeles Raiders in 2016? St. Louis? San Antonio? OKC? What Say You?

by Fred Pahlke | Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2015




A few days ago I did an article on a possible move of the Oakland Raiders to Oklahoma City and it went viral for me with a current 16,000 plus likes on my Facebook and growing. Here on ProSportsExtra.com we received thousands of page views.  Thank you for joining in on the Aprils joke.




The feedback was also unexpected.  Some of the comments received were passionate, some just as off the wall as my April Fools article, and some giving insight on why and when the Raiders might leave the Bay Area for another home field and city. Giving the Raider Nation a truthful look to what might happen is on topic right now.  People in that Nation care. But in the long of it, as we all might have an opinion of the particulars of the future, the Raiders are still in Oakland and all anyone (and this sports writer) can do is speculate.


If I was a betting man Oakland will not be in the Bay Area come the 2016 NFL season. Los Angeles is my choice where the Black and Silver will be as history repeats itself and the Los Angeles Raiders become a born-again team in the League. I have wondered for many years how the LA scene could be void of the NFL since the move back to Oakland by the Raiders and even farther back when the Rams vacated to St. Louis. As any NFL fan knows, the Rams are another team that is looking at a move and Los Angeles is quite possibly the direction that they are seeking also. A Raiders Rams Los Angeles NFL rivalry is  in the works if you want my educated opinion. Now throw in the San Diego Chargers as they also want to move and Los Angeles is a known possibility. With a the Chargers and Raiders discussion of sharing a new stadium in LA, we have three viable franchises wanting to come to the City of Angels.

New England’s owner Robert Kraft believes LA will have a franchise sooner than later. The Raiders would take the move south to LA but if the Rams made the move to LA first they might take in the Chargers in a year later and force the Raiders east to a new stadium in St. Louis. That could happen.
Oakland’s Raiders will either be in LA or St. Louis in 2016.  San Antonio or Oklahoma City cannot be counted out if I am off course.  A stay-where-you are in Oakland, 10% chance of happening.


San Antonio, stadium and crowd ready, the Raiders would make money in Texas. Don’t argue with me on that. Texas is a football place first. NFL in that town? Spurs, you would be second fiddle.

Yes, Oklahoma City. The MAPS project still wants to take a look at a big new stadium just south of the Oklahoma River in downtown OKC. The new stadium would be sold out in a week. (I’ll take four season tickets please). A Oklahoma City city funded stadium or one build by a billionaire or two that could be financed privately for the Raiders ownership, don’t count that out.   The longest of long shots could happen and it is not that farfetched.
Ranking of where the Raiders will be in 2016:
1. Los Angeles 76%
2. St. Louis 10%
3. Oakland 10%
4. Oklahoma City 2%
5. San Antonio 1%
6. Some Unknown city 1%


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