Lonzo “Balls” Out in Second Game

Lonzo Ball. Probably one of the most hyped athletes coming into an NBA season, Lonzo has had a lot to prove not only from skeptics of his shooting form or his style of play, but from the immense praise that he gets from his father, Lavar Ball. Lavar is a man of many words, most of them ridiculous, and he has been ranting and raving about how good Lonzo will be this season.

Game 1 could not have gone worse for Lonzo. He was absolutely shut down by Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Clippers, only scoring three points on 1-6 shooting to go with nine rebounds and four assists in 29 minutes. Even with such a lackluster performance, his dad seemed to think he played great, and he let Stephen A. Smith know just that:

Game 2 however, turned out much better for Lonzo, albeit it was against a rough Phoenix Suns team. Lonzo messed around and nearly got a triple double (in his signature Zo2’s), scoring 29, adding 11 rebounds and 9 assists in a 132-130 win over the Suns. Although Lonzo only shot 12-27, he shot 4-9 from 3-pt land, and seemed to be much more confident out on the floor, making crisp passes, and creating his own shot in a number of cases. Highlights of Ball’s stellar performance are shown below:

Now we don’t need to overreact as it is only game two of a long NBA season, but we want to hear your thoughts. Is Lonzo for real, or was the good game just a fluke? Can he lead the Lakers to the playoffs? If you’re a Big Baller, send us your thoughts in the comments below or to our Facebook page @ProSportsExtra, and also catch Lonzo’s next game as the Lakers host the New Orleans Pelicans Sunday night at 9:30EST, 6:30PST.

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