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LeBron James Plans To Reboot “Friday The 13th” movie series.

When LeBron James moved to Los Angeles, right away I understood why. Movies. TV. Cameras. LeBron will be seen in movies for years and years to come.

The latest news isn’t about Space Jam 2, but instead Friday The 13th…

Friday the 13th went down the reboot path back in 2009, only to then have the franchise tossed into complicated legal turmoil that was partially resolved last month. Now, fresh off this weekend’s Halloween success, we have word that new Lakers member LeBron James is “in talks” about producing another Friday the 13th revival.

A report from Bloody Disgusting Monday claimed that James and his SpringHill Entertainment banner are having discussions with Vertigo Entertainment about the film. James and SpringHill, as previously reported, already have the upcoming Space Jam return under their belt.

If he is able to get the movie back running, it’ll oddly be the 13th, Friday The 13th movie. Talk about easy marketing.

Again this isn’t 100%, and who knows how it’ll turn out. We will update you on any news we hear. LeBron also dropped a Friday The 13th shoe.

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