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Lawsuit: Antonio Brown Accused of Raping Former Athletic Trainer

Just as all football fans thought the Antonio Brown news is over after he signed with the New England Patriots once he got released from the Oakland Raiders, this story could top it all. 

In a lawsuit filed in Southern District branch in the state of Florida, Brown is now being accused of raping his former athletic trainer, Britney Taylor, in three different incidents. 

The incidents were stemmed back from June 2017 and again in May 2018.

According to a report by Ben Shpigel of the New York Times, Brown sexually assaulted Taylor twice during training seasons back in the 2017 offseason.

Brown would eventually go on to brag about the incidents in profane messages on social media afterwards. Those messages were copied in the lawsuit records.

Shpigel went on to record to say the second incident occurred on May 2018 when Brown allegedly pushed her on to her bed, ‘forcibly’ raped her as she screamed and shouted ‘No!’ and ‘Stop!’ 

However, Brown’s represented attorney, Darren Heitner has released a statement that the star player has denied the allegations and said that all sexual interactions was considered consensual. 

Brown also responded on social media that the accuser and her mother were trying to extort Brown for cash, according to tweets from IB (@incarceratedbob) on Twitter. 

A spokesman for the Patriots said in an email that the team had not heard about the lawsuit or any related allegations.

We will update you more on this story once more details and information about the lawsuit and Brown becomes available. 

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1 Comment

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