Last Night Was Crazy… I’m not saying “sex trafficking” is going on out here… But someone is saying it, last night had me on my tippy toes… Stay safe everyone

I wasn’t going to post anything regarding this, but after waking up and seeing a screenshot of my message regarding this – I felt like I should fill you in.

So the owner(s) of The Huron Bay Trading post were out here sitting in my camper with my dad and I when he (the boyfriend of the owner) started talking about how there’s been sex trafficking going on out at The Mouth Of The Huron.

My dad and I both brushed it off, because we camp out here multiple times a summer sometimes at week or two at a time.

We’ve never saw anything like this happen.

But he mentioned that there was a couple of black vehicles doing it, I believe he said black Jeeps. I’m about 99.9% sure he said Jeeps.

He told us that recently him and his girlfriend were walking down the beach out here, no one was out here. Besides them two. Once they were walking back towards where they came. They noticed that there was a couple black vehicles just sitting there, parked, with a couple of guys inside which wasn’t there before.

He said he was confused on how the black vehicles ended up there and then he started talking about how he believes someone’s down there watching people or else they have a camera on and have it streaming to a nearby camp. And he made it well known he believed it was human trafficking- and said he believed sex trafficking.

Now at this point my dad and I both thought this dude was nuts. But he kept saying it was “sex trafficking”…. That’s not me saying sex trafficking is going on, that’s what he wouldn’t stop telling us.

Honestly my dad and I tried to change the topic, we didn’t think this wouldn’t go on out here…. we camp out here every summer…

Or could it be? How didn’t we hear about this? Did this person and his girlfriend have a run in with these guys in Jeeps? Did they run into them at The Trading Post? I’m not sure. But I didn’t believe the guy at all. 0%.

Two nights ago my opinion changed.

I noticed there were two girls who walked down the beach. Out of nowhere, guess what? The black Jeeps appeared. I thought to myself hmmm… pretty weird. I even mentioned it to my dad and a couple people who were camping with us. But we still didn’t think there could be anything going on.

Then about 15 minutes later the girls seemed to be headed back to there camping spot… in the time being another vehicle who must of been with the girls pulls up and the black Jeeps took off.

I looked to the person who was with me and said…. didn’t that seem weird?

Still thinking… eh. Can’t be anything. Started thinking maybe there’s a small chance they’re watching people….

Last night, around 11:30:

I was the only camper out at the Mouth…. no car or trucks anywhere. So… I started getting the fire going for the rest of the night.

After about 5 minutes, I went back inside my camper to let the fire start going.

I went back outside and started messing with the fire again. I started to look on the beach for wood – suddenly I felt like I was being watched. I walk up put my beer can down by the fire… went into the camper and locked the doors. I wasn’t even thinking anything about those Black Jeeps.

But as soon as I sat down inside the camper the black jeeps come down the road and park just a couple spots down.

And that’s when I sent the Snapchat Message that it is being posted.


I was scared. I can’t lie. I don’t have no gun out here. I called my mother, my dad, my cousin, and message about five people.

After about 20 minutes of sitting inside the camper and turning all the lights on in and outside lights on finally the Jeeps left.

Now… I don’t know for sure if it’s sex trafficking or what. When I sent that Snapchat (above) I was going purely off the report from the guy whose girlfriend owns the nearby Huron Bay Trading post and from what I gathered over the past couple nights.. The black Jeeps only come out here during the night when someone is walking on the beach.

Maybe. Just maybe. It’s a coincidence. Maybe.

Stay safe everyone.

Have a good summer, drink lots, relax, but most importantly… stay safe.

– And to the people saying the Trading Post is now owned by only a “single” lady…. I know it’s under new ownership. She’s not single anymore. I’m not misinformed. She does have a boyfriend.

Update: NEXT NIGHT –

Even worse….

I didn’t think it was possible to get more freaked out than I was. I’ll never camp here again by myself. Never.


No one was camping out here… no one. Just myself. I went outside to pee. As soon as I walked in a car came into the campsite. No ones been there all day besides a couple people who I watched leave. No one. This car comes up and seems to drive towards the end…. I thought it was a little different. A little different? That’s an understatement. As I wait to see if I see any lights from them… I see the same type of lights in the same exact place as yesterday.

I started getting scared. Why would they be that close? There’s a bunch of camping spots that aren’t close. I’m the only camper…. the one car parks this close? Weird…

What’s next got me more freaked out…. Listen as they go by. They lay the horn on. Why would they do that if it’s midnight and most people would be sleeping?

After this happened… I thought at least they left…..

Boom. Another random light near the same spot. This was 25 yards away. I would have noticed someone camping there.

I got on the phone with someone to come get me…

Finally 30 minutes after calling my ride arrives. I lock the camper up.

And as soon as we back up ANOTHER car turns lights on for about 5 seconds…

The shock from my mom and her boyfriends face was unreal. They couldn’t believe how close this car was to the camper I was in. It was pointed right towards the front window where I normally am sitting about 25 yards away.

The car then drives about 2 feet forward and turns the lights off.

We had to drive away at this point. There was no other campers there, none. I’ve been there all day and would have noticed any vehicle especially someone camping as close as the car was.


After the last thing happened and I had to have someone come get me, and when we left a vehicle started to turn lights on and slowly move forward and turned them off…. I decided to drive out at about five in the morning to see if there would be anyone camping out there and there wasn’t anyone there. Weird, right? Why would they leave after I left? Why would they be parked that close and at that late and not be camping?

I’ve had a message regarding something similar happening where a lady and her boyfriend walked down the beach and vehicles started coming from the opposite end after they set up a fire.

I’ve camped out here two more nights with other people and other campers finally out here and not one single black jeep coming in late or suspiciously. No one pointing lights into the camper – nothing but the way camping should be. Maybe it’s done with….

The owner of the trading post reached out and are claiming they meant there side of the story as a joke. Well…. I’d highly recommend not joking about situations like this. My dad and I both kind of thought it was a joke at first….. But even if they were “joking”…. There is no doubt that someone was out there with very suspicious activity. I’ve got video and other witnesses who picked me up that night.

I’m guessing it’s not sex trafficking, because no ones gone missing… and hopefully no one does.

The police were informed— just in case.


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