Lakers Offseason: Another Year of Growing Pains

by Dylan Hargis | Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Source: Steve Jennings/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have had back to back lottery selection years picking in the top 10 in both of those years. This offseason the Lakers were hoping to add a big name free agent like Lamarcus Aldridge or Deandre Jordan. They even attempted to lure smaller names like Greg Monroe and Robin Lopez to the City of Angels. Well, their plan went up in flames really quickly when every single big name free agent signed elsewhere. The Lakers quickly found themselves with no starting center and no real small forward. What would Mitch Kupchak and company do?

The Lakers responded by agreeing to a trade for Pacers center Roy Hibbert, which isn’t exactly a lateral move from Aldridge or Jordan. Hibbert is almost useless on offense, but a great rim protector. The Lakers didn’t stop there.  They looked at the remaining free agents and signed last years sixth man of the year Lou Williams. Williams was with the Toronto Raptors in 2014-15 where he kick started his career back into motion. It is reported that Williams turned down more money from the Kings. Finally, the Lakers reached an agreement with power forward Brandon Bass as well. Bass is a great rebounder and can shoot really well within 15 feet. Bass leaves the Celtics to join their cross country rival.

The Lakers don’t appear to be done this offseason. They are currently looking for trade options with forward Ryan Kelly and center Robert Scare as well as sign and trade deals with the Bulls and Mavericks for Jeremy Lin and Jordan Hill. The Lakers will have another hard year, but I think the team looks better than it did last year. I fully expect the team to compete hard with the Trailblazers and Nuggets…. for 13th in the West. This isn’t exactly encouraging or the ideal way to send Kobe Bryant off into the sunset, but hopefully the clouds will part next year.

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