Lakers face major Anthony Davis issue

There is set to be a fight among a number of NBA teams trying to land NBA star Anthony Davis this summer. It’s expected that he will reject the $240 million super-max contract that the New Orleans Pelicans can offer him at the end of the season.

Although the Celtics and Lakers have been the front-runners to make a move for some time now recent reports have suggested a number of teams will be in the mix.

One former NBA executive believes the 76ers and Celtics will be able to offer a better package than the Lakers.

“I’d say if the [Philadelphia 76ers offer Ben] Simmons, or with the [Boston] Celtics’ package of picks and young players, the Lakers would probably be third,” he told Bleacher Report.

“One would think that [Pelicans general manager] Dell [Demps] would want a deal done around the draft [with Boston’s picks].

He added: ”After Simmons, I love Tatum. He’d have to be the deal-maker in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes.

“If he’s in the package, AD to the Celtics. To each his own in the NBA, and certainly others would value differently, but on average, based upon body of work, I think the 30 teams would value Philadelphia/Boston talent over the Lakers.”

“Boston [wants] to keep Tatum,” the former executive added.

“If Rich Paul is trying to control [Davis’ fate] until 2020 [when he’s an unrestricted free agent], then likely Tatum isn’t made available by Boston and the Lakers probably get it done.

“That Paul also represents Ben Simmons has to help the Lakers too.”

Now could there be a trade that happens? It could, but it seems like it isn’t going to happen, right? I mean the rumors have been going on since when? Day one of this NBA season?

LeBron has been all over Anthony Davis to the point that other NBA GM’S are complaining. If you’re going to make the most LA, just make it already. How can you love Davis so much and then end up not going after him? It’s got to happen.

Maybe send Lonzo, Ingram, and I don’t know KCP?

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