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Kid Gets Blown Up By Luke Kuechly After Juking Him Out (Video)

Carolina Panthers’ All-Pro and Pro Bowl linebacker Luke Kuechly had some stiff competition during a kids’ football camp during one of the drills he was conducting. 

The 2013 NFL Defensive Player of the Year was working with the kids on how to get past him on a sweep play. 

But one kid, who’s referred to as KD, managed to fake out the linebacker around him during that drill. 

Yet in the video shown below, Kuechly would get revenge on the same kid later on in the camp. The video tells the whole story here. 

Sometimes it’s best if you can put one of football’s defensive players on his heels, you likely would expect to get paid back the way that KD did. 

The kid was alright after the tackle by Kuechly though. 

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